alex ståhlberg

Tiger of Sweden

Modern Movement II 

Modern Movement aspires to create an engaging platform and inspirational space for starting conversations. Tiger of Sweden invites personalities who in different ways represent open-minded, critical and participatory ways of pushing societal and cultural progress through creative work.

Sara Nuru
Maria Foerlev
Jacob Kampp Berliner

Created with Alter id and the inhouse team at Tiger of Sweden.

Agency: Alter id
Photo: Jana Gerberding
Film: Emir Eralp
Interview and copy: Lisa Ehlin
Stylist: Mattias Karlsson
Hair: Joanna Rask
Make: Anya De Tobon
Post: Emir Eralp and NittyGritty (Berlin)

Tiger team:
CD: Christoffer Lundman
Acting CEO & Chief Marketing Officer: Moa Strand
Prod: Gabrielle Didier
Contant manager: Petter Lundgren

Tiger of Sweden – Modern Movement II - AW19 from Alex Stahlberg on Vimeo.