alex ståhlberg

︎Lighting Design︎ From 2022 also offering lighting design concepting for event, art, work spaces and homes. (MSc Architectural Lighting Design, KTH)

Jade Cropper CPHFW / Ray Atelier/

Lighting design concept created with Ray Atelier for the Jade Cropper x Circulose dinner and afterparty during Copenhagen Fashion Week SS23 produced by Seizo creative.

Dinner and event in 3 parts:
– Arrival
– Dinner
– Club

Lighting plan, light installation and pre production:
Lighting Designer Philip Sacht

Design and Set Design:
Ray Atelier

Dinner production & guest management: 
Seizo Creative

Arrival to Dinner transition 

Dinner to club transition. 


End of night

During event space shift lighting + Event space